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2008-03-29 @ 18:44

Uppdaterad: 2010-01-07

Version 0.5 released. Mostly bug fixes.

I made a paging navigation plugin for WordPress that will be an alternative to the ”Next page” and ”Previous page”. Instead it uses numbers which makes it easier for users to choose what page to go to. It also makes a tighter internal link structure which makes it easier for search engines to find your posts.

Info and download

Themes to choose from

WP Page Numbers themes

All the 5 themes are included from start and are available in admin.


This is what it looks like if you don’t change anything (default paging theme):


You can also try it out as a live demo at the bottom of my blog.


  • You can set all the texts and arrows to what ever you want
  • You can limit the number of pages shown at the time
  • You can create paging stylesheets themes (if you don’t want to overwrite the default theme)
  • You can turn off the stylesheet
  • You can turn off the page information (page 3 of 5)
  • You can turn off the page numbers
  • You can turn off the first and end page numbers
  • You can turn off the arrows

Updates 0.3 – 0.5

  • Fixed bug with page numbers disappearing
  • Added optional start and end code link wp_page_numbers($start, $end)
  • Changed get_blog_info(url) to get_blog_info(wpurl)
  • Changed get_settings (deprecated) to get_blog_info (bugfix)
  • Added missing echos, which should fix the URLs to the preview images in admin
  • Fixed 0 … 1 problem by checking if the page is front page or archive

Updates 0.2

  • Put some ”reset”-code into the themes stylesheet to make the navigation bar look correct in all themes
  • 5 WP Page Numbers themes to choose from
  • Some layout changes in admin


  1. Upload the FOLDER ‘wp-page-numbers’ to the /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin ‘WP Page Numbers’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in admin
  3. Go to ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ and then ‘WP Page Numbers’ to change the options


  1. Replace the the ‘next_posts_link()’ and ‘previous_posts_link()’ with the code below in theme (archive.php, index.php or search.php). If you can’t find it, place it between endwhile; and endif; in your theme.
  2. <?php if(function_exists('wp_page_numbers')) { wp_page_numbers(); } ?>

Advanced usage

This plugin uses only WordPress own string values, no own SQL-querys is written. That means that you can use this plugin for more advanced use.

Example: You have a page which contains the query_posts() function and a loop to get some posts into the page. In that case you can use WP Page Numbers (see usage). If the posts are less than what is set in admin, the navigation will be hidden.

Contribution from users

Known issues

  • WP Page Numbers count wrong sometimes – Very high priority
  • Odd permalink structure makes the page numbers link wrong – High priority

Suggested features

These features could be included in future versions of WP Page Numbers.

  • Option to center the page numbers – Normal priority
  • Change the containing ID to an containing class to make the page validate with multiple page number sets – High priority
  • Localizable WP Page Numbers for different languages – High priority

Bug report

If you have found a bug I want to know about it so I can fix it.

  • Tell me your plugin version, WordPress version and what browser you use.
  • If you suspect a collision with another plugin, tell me what plugin you suspect, or a list with suspected plugins
  • Have you tested this plugin on another WordPress-version and can confirm that it works? Let me know!


The best way to contribute is to spread the word, link to this page, blog about WP Page Numbers or give me feedback. All kinds of feedback are helpful to me. Suggestions and bug report are also welcome.

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  • joshuatly »
    2009-08-22 @ 20:15

    please check why my page will looked like this after installing wp page number @ http://edu.joshuatly.com/
    please tell me how to fix it.
    reply me via email @ joshuatly@gmail.com

    thanks a lot!

  • oi »
    2009-08-23 @ 3:56

    it didnt work for me, when i click on page 2 it just refresh page 1,
    i uso HostingConsortium theme. can any1 help me.

  • Oliver »
    2009-08-23 @ 18:19

    Hallo Jens,
    Ein Super-Plugin. Leicht zu bedienen und gut für die SEO-Aktivitäten. Ich habe es mir heute auf dem Karriereguide installiert. Es hat gleich von Anfang an funktioniert, wie es soll.

  • mehmet »
    2009-08-23 @ 20:27

    i use this plugin but i click other page numbers
    website load mainpage , cant get other pages

  • noname »
    2009-08-26 @ 14:01

    this is the best. thank you very much

  • Andy
    2009-08-27 @ 0:14

    Great plugin! But why does it not work on the page single.php?
    previous_post_link and next_post_link are working great on single.php.

  • Metin »
    2009-08-27 @ 21:58

    hello. I m WP-pagenumbersi using on my site. When i clicked a category showing such as ”1-2-3-4-5…..”

    1 and 2 is ok. But 3 and more big numbers are showing ”No post found”. What’s problem?

    Inadvance thanks for relations.

  • David
    2009-08-29 @ 15:42

    Hi there,

    Great plugin. Would it be possible though to have it say something (optional) on the last page other than ”page x of x”? Something like: ”page x of X : Last page” ? And disable the link for the same page? (if on page 2, disable the ”2” link?) This may sound trivial but for usability it would be better, I think. At least it would look neater and for high-traffic blogs it would limit unneccessary page requests as users will click anything clickable.

    • jens
      2009-08-29 @ 15:51

      Thanks for all comments! I read all but don’t always have the time to reply. I released a new plugin called ”WP Paging”. It might solve some of the issues and suggestions you have.

  • gokhan
    2009-08-29 @ 23:58

    2 way to install plugin you advice don’t work for me because my site’s files ( archive.php,index.php or search.php don’t include codes you said. is there another way to install?? i really like it and want it but i can’t do it.please help me…my theme comfy magazine http://www.pl1872.com

  • Fat Cow
    2009-08-31 @ 10:23

    Hello Jens !

    I’m translate Your plugin into Belorussian. Please publish Your email or answer me to email. Thanks!

  • cottelletje
    2009-09-02 @ 11:29

    how can i move up the div#wp_page_number because i want the div to go more to the right of the bottom of my page

  • Nicklas Ljungström »
    2009-09-02 @ 21:11


    Mycket trevligt insticksprogram!

    Jag har gjort en liten anpassning i färgsättningen så att den passar lite bättre till min blogg :-)

  • James
    2009-09-02 @ 21:53

    Not working with the default permalinks (/?p=123)
    Show the same results with every page!

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    2009-09-03 @ 0:26

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  • Fat Cow
    2009-09-03 @ 7:38

    I’m translate Your plugin into Belorussian. Please publish Your email or answer me to email. Thanks!

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    2009-09-04 @ 7:05

    […] some plugins which are included in the download package. Two of them Smart Archives Reloaded and WP Page Numbers are required while rest are recommended but optional to […]

  • Steven
    2009-09-10 @ 2:31

    Thanks for the plug-in. I’m using WordPress 2.8.4. with Thesis 1.5.1 but can’t get this to work. It appears on the home page but not the posts, which is where I’d like it. I’m posting as ”distinct” in this short thread which shows you the code we added in our custom_functions.php file – http://diythemes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=61507#post61507

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  • Saber Hadjrabiei »
    2009-09-10 @ 9:52

    I use lightword theme and i don’t know how place codes PLS help.

  • Horisontal « muhammad zamroni »
    2009-09-10 @ 15:05

    […] is default feature in WordPress 2.7. It also has built-in numbered pagination that modified from WP Page Numbers version 0.5 plugin by Jens […]

  • David Beck
    2009-09-12 @ 5:56

    When you are on a page that is just past the first or last page, the … appears between page 1 and page 2. It should not appear there when there are no numbers between the numbers it separates. For instance: 1…2345

  • Domus »
    2009-09-15 @ 0:20

    > Contribution from users
    > * Citrus theme from Abdelilah Nassib – Demo at http://www.baissi.com/blog
    > * Russian version of WP Page Numbers at lukjanow.ru

    Hello! Unfortunately, this link does not work. I am interested in Russian version of your plugin. There were problems with its installation. Theme of my blog uses the Page Navi plugin but I do not like its design – it’s a little spoils the appearance. And I want to put your plugin, but I do not get

    • Domus »
      2009-09-20 @ 20:15

      I apologize, I did not read about a Russian translation. All installed – works great! Thanks a lot!

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    2009-09-21 @ 8:45

    […] ist. Da ich aber gerne alle meine Artikel in der Indexierung sehe, habe ich das kleine Plugin WP Page Numbers installiert, um unserer lieben Suchmaschine etwas unterstützend unter die Arme zu greifen. Aktuell […]

  • Jonna »
    2009-09-22 @ 18:39

    Jag satt och gjorde ett lite tema till ditt plugin. Jag har gjort så navigationen läggs centerat i en div. Detta har jag dock bara testat på FF 3.5 och IE 8 så jag vet inte hur det fungerar på tidigare webbläsare. Men jag har aktiverat det på min blog (http://jotaprojects.se/blog) längst ner. Finns att ladda ner på följande adress http://www.mediafire.com/file/nildnrmmuuj/grey_box.rar

    • jens
      2009-09-23 @ 18:05

      Tufft! Tack. Jag lägger till en länk till den när jag har tid för mina hemsidor igen.

  • Jotaprojects Blogg » Theme for WP Page Numbers »
    2009-09-22 @ 18:54

    […] http://www.jenst.se/2008/03/29/wp-page-numbers/ […]

  • blogs.uugrn.org » Blog Archive » Plugin-Update 2009/09/23 »
    2009-09-23 @ 10:20

    […] WP Page Numbers (v. 0.5) by Jens Törnell. […]

  • pezigner »
    2009-09-24 @ 9:14

    great! Thank a lot. :-)

  • Mas Dhani »
    2009-09-24 @ 10:08

    Great.. plugins

  • Orhan »
    2009-09-25 @ 20:44

    I am using with comfy theme on my web site http://www.yarimekanik.com.I have changed the css file for top margin because there was a problem with comfy them.Many thanks for plugin.

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    2009-09-27 @ 20:07

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  • Dirk »
    2009-09-30 @ 13:35

    – Louie Navarro – how come the stylesheet doesn’t work. it just appear like this:

    You should try different permission-setting for the plugin-files, i.e. go to your wordpress-installation on your server and change permissions for files and folders. For me it helped.

  • Arrow SEO »
    2009-10-01 @ 3:06

    Great plugin. But it didn’t work for wordpress 2.8.4 :(

    • Miguel Dias »
      2009-10-02 @ 15:10

      Got it working right now without nay bigger issues, great plugin too :)

  • bobsoap »
    2009-10-02 @ 19:22

    Thanks for this plugin, it’s great and I use it a lot.

    For everyone who’d like to make their pages validate even with multiple renderings of the page numbers: Edit the wp-page-numbers.php file of the plugin at line 203. Simply replace ”id” with ”class”.

  • Greg Thomson »
    2009-10-02 @ 21:18

    I have multiple loops in my site each on different pages. Your plugin works wonderfully in the main loop. However, it is not working in the secondary loop (which is including a specific category that is excluded from the main loop). I am using 0.5 version of the plug in and am using wordpress 2.8.4.

    • Greg Thomson »
      2009-10-02 @ 23:49

      I have found that it won’t work because the page is named news. Is there a way to add a page named news to the function. I have been digging around and only found mention of specific page names in the section adding the stylesheet. Is there additional places I should add news? Will I need to add it somewhere within wordpress core?

  • Jaxov »
    2009-10-05 @ 12:36

    This is how you can add Page Numbers to thesis theme


    • Rob Champagne
      2009-10-05 @ 19:38

      Hi, Thanks for a super plugin. Makes page navigations sooooooo much better.
      I was looking to see if I could reverse the page numbers so that chronologically the most recent post would be on the last page number (but still displayed by WP as the first post ) and then going to previous would desiplay earlier posts etc so that page 1 would show earliest post.
      Just a suggestion for future versions.

      Thanks agaian.

  • Diane Bourque »
    2009-10-05 @ 15:37

    This is a great plugin. I used it on my blog at http://dianebourque.com running with WordPress 2.8.4 and it works great. It’s easy to install and customize. Thanks a million.

  • Martin Petrov »
    2009-10-12 @ 14:45

    This is a great plugin. I used it on my blog at http://www.mpetrov.net

  • wildbug
    2009-10-14 @ 1:27

    I installed your plugin but it is displaying the page links in a vertical column. How do I fix it? I am using WP 2.8.4 and the latest version of the plugin. Thanks!

  • Gary P
    2009-10-15 @ 1:04

    I installed wp_page-numbers version 0.5 on WordPress 2.8.4, and it seemed to create a conflict with the K2 Theme. Blog Pages no longer call my theme’s style sheet. The main blog itself is still fine, but the stand alone pages now call your plugin’s style sheet instead of the main style sheet. I uninstalled your plugin, but things remain broken. Even after the plugin is uninstalled, the pages still call your style sheet instead of my theme’s style sheet. I think there is a problem with your plugin, I am sorry to say. http://www.circletreestudio.com/blog/

    • Gary P
      2009-10-15 @ 1:56

      It’s OK, I fixed it.

  • MintTree »
    2009-10-16 @ 1:05

    For version 0.5, nothing appear when upgraded. I’m using WP 2.8.4.

    Switch back to previous version of Page Number, the pagination menu appear incorrectly with this: ”1 … …0”

    The odd thing is on the dev site (same theme & setting), the old version (0.2) display correctly… So, I think it might be due to the WP database?

  • tarasbuba »
    2009-10-16 @ 3:36

    hi, I instaled in my blog: http://fullpornmovie.us and have a problem, it is showing an image, how can i fix this?


  • MintTree »
    2009-10-17 @ 18:30

    Hmn.. I think this plugin and WP Page Navi is incompatible for PHP 5.x?
    Your thought Jens? Did you test it on a PHP 5.x server?

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  • UK Hosting »
    2009-10-20 @ 12:14

    Thanks this is what i needed

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    2009-10-21 @ 18:54

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  • Hossein I.T »
    2009-10-21 @ 20:22

    The Best Site For Download Plugin

  • Roberto
    2009-10-23 @ 13:23

    Great tutorial, but an idiot like me could have problem in implement the plugin in an article, and infact, i have installed the plug in, changed the code in the archive.php, but when i’m wwriting an article, i don’t know how call the function of pagination!!!!!
    Wintch code i have to write in the article to divide in more page? :(

  • Francesco
    2009-10-28 @ 13:12

    Hi. Please you can show me with a tutorial the operation of WP Page Numbers 0.5? Also through of the steps with a screenshot. Thanks

  • Tim
    2009-10-30 @ 10:24

    I’m using wp 2.8.4 + WP Page Numbers 0.5 at http//gotpowered.com
    but when I’m taking 2nd+ page (non first) – wp writes 404 – page not found
    also noticed that http://gotpowered.com/page/1 works – at least 404 wasn’t returned …
    I’ve been searching for solution for few days and did not found any reason. What do you think ? is it plugin reason or wp bug itself … anyway .. any help is good .. maybe someone meet same problem?

  • Tim
    2009-10-30 @ 10:35

    uh … I do not know how to call it
    always I’m asking someone for help problem reason appears in 2 mins

    just the note for others to prevent such a stupid stuck like I do
    [settings > reading > Blog pages show at most] value was 10
    and I had 8 posts only
    plugin settings has 3 per page (actually I need to see 3 posts per page )

    so just need to change 10 to 3 – and vualya! it works

  • seo оптимизатор »
    2009-10-31 @ 12:27

    Cool plugin!!!


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