WP Limit Posts Automatically

2007-12-03 @ 17:00

Is there a way to limit posts in WordPress? You can always use the more-tag and if you use it you can manually insert a break-point to cut your posts where you like. What if you want to do it automatically? Then this plugin is the answer. You can choose where it should limit your posts (home, category, archive and search). You also have some other features, for example to choose the limit method (cut by letter, word or paragraph).


Limit Post Options

Limit Post Automatically


  1. Upload wp-limit-posts-automatically.php to the
    /wp-content/plugins/wp-limit-posts-automatically directory.
  2. Activate the plugin WP Limit Posts Automatically through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to ‘Options / Limit Posts Options’ for options and more instructions.


Why did I make this? I almost always forgot to put a more-tag into my posts and at first I created some quick fix for it at my own website. At the time I didn’t found any good plugin for it. I still havn’t found the perfect plugin for this so I created my own.

Updates 0.7

  • Updated with a new option, ”strip tags” to avoid code errors when cut through letter or word.
  • Added a little usage section

Updates 0.5

  • Fixed bug with paragraph tag sometimes ended incorrectly (because of the cut).

Updates 0.4

  • Fixed bug with ajax category problem.
  • Fix collision to WP YouTube plugin

Contribute / Feedback

The best way to contribute is to spread the word, link to this page or give me feedback. All kinds of feedback are helpful to me. Have you tested this plugin on another WordPress-version and can confirm that it works? Let me know. Suggestions and bug report are also welcome.

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  • Francis »
    2008-05-26 @ 17:33

    Hi Jens,

    I try to use your plugin but when I use ”Limit post by” word and I write something in the ”text ending” field, nothing appears on my web page… Did you have already that kind of problem ? Thanks for your help !

  • Sanwal
    2008-05-27 @ 17:33

    awesome man =) loved it

  • vlad »
    2008-05-28 @ 17:34

    great plugin.
    I would like to install it on my site http://www.lolside.com, front page, featured posts, and I would like there to apply this plugin. Can u help me please to implement it.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Cookies »
    2008-07-31 @ 17:38

    @John KW

    open feedwordpress.php

    find these:

    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘feedwordpress_preserve_syndicated_content’, -10000);
    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘feedwordpress_restore_syndicated_content’, 10000);

    and comment that line, this will work on the front page post

  • Michel Melain »
    2008-08-25 @ 17:39

    Hello and thanks for this plug-in!

    Great work, I am planning to used it on my website.

    However is there any possibility to exclude the posts from a specific category from beeing cut to the first paragraph – well i got a category with just videos in it and i want to display them on all my archives pages not only the first paragraph.

    Apologize for my poor english writting,

    Thanks for all,

  • Badr »
    2008-09-17 @ 17:41


    I am running into a bit of trouble. When I use your plugin it cuts my entire blog in half it doesnt matter the setting. I am running WP 2.6.2

    If you could reply to my email it would be great.


  • Mena »
    2008-10-18 @ 17:42

    Can you add support for Arabic language ? , because when i typed another word than Read More i got unreadable characters…

    Thank you,

  • Karin
    2008-12-13 @ 17:43

    Hej Jens,

    jag har samma problem som koullis (2008-08-03): När jag aktiverar Limit Posts Automatically så hoppar höger sidebar längst ner på sidan. Jag använder WP 2.6.5.

    Anledningen till att jag vill ha LPA är att jag använder FeedWordPress för att syndikera andras bloggar till ett gemensamt RSS-flöde. Jag ser att det är fler här som försökt använda LPA med FWP. Det bästa vore om FWP inkluderade LPA. Jag ska tipsa radgeek om dig. :-)

  • seoinseo.info »
    2009-02-07 @ 17:45

    Great plugins,thanks..

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  • Tyler »
    2009-03-17 @ 23:39

    Hi Jens –

    I have implemented the plugin here:

    I have the same question that someone on WordPress.org did here:

    How might I handle it, where if someone writes a post that is shorter than the limit specified, that Limit Posts does not display the Text Ending and Read More Textlink?

    Does this need custom PHP? Or is there something I am missing? I am using WP 2.7 with the new P2 theme.

    Thanks much for a great plugin. I’ll be happy to contribute if I can get this one issue sorted out.

  • atentaten
    2009-03-19 @ 23:40

    I’ve installed this plugin, and it does work in that it does limit posts However, I don’t see anything indicating to the reader to ”read more” or ”continue”. Does this plugin add a ”read more” type text as well, or does it only limit the post without adding any indicators to continue at the end?

  • Brad »
    2009-03-20 @ 0:13

    This is awesome. Thanks!

  • Fr0sse
    2009-03-23 @ 14:45

    Is there any way to limit posts on pages and singles?

  • Anonym »
    2009-04-01 @ 12:16

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  • lexx
    2009-04-03 @ 10:44

    Excellent plugin!
    Can this be applied to the post TITLE on the index page?
    That would be great.

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    2009-04-06 @ 3:04

    […] WP Limit Posts Automatically […]

  • Noli »
    2009-04-07 @ 4:00


    Your plugin is very useful to me, however, I want to appear the cut posts on the homepage with multiple pharagraphs and not messing the posts in a continuous line…. Let me know…. it is implemented on one of my blog, http://www.sdpayday.com

  • Anonym »
    2009-04-10 @ 14:17

    […] wp limit posts […]

  • Fabio
    2009-04-16 @ 5:43

    I have the same problem than Francis. Other than that, the plugin is great :)

  • Daniel
    2009-05-02 @ 21:00

    Something is missing to limit also the post title length…

  • deborah soft »
    2009-05-09 @ 17:47

    this is nice plugin , but could you give me explanation how to make limit in single post? thanks

  • Minna »
    2009-05-19 @ 21:32

    I was glad to find you plugin because I haven’t found many plugins that allow to cut posts without . But I have a problem: I want to use the plugin only in my sidebar.php, not on posts page. Is there a piece of code I could put manually in a right spot and get posts limited? Please, could you advice as soon as possible! Thanks! o/

  • kathleen »
    2009-05-26 @ 4:33

    hello, and thank you!

    but i don’t see an ”option” for editing the limit posts…?
    am i doing something wrong?
    thank you so much, and have a great day!

  • Tuanow »
    2009-05-30 @ 8:52

    Thanks for the best plugin.
    It’s easy to config.
    Best of all kind
    Look at my website using your plugin

  • Hellas »
    2009-06-29 @ 12:58

    Really great plugin but is there any specific option since it dont work on some templates.

  • tomy »
    2009-07-14 @ 4:51

    awesome plugin!
    Can this be applied to the post TITLE on the index page?
    That would be great.

  • Dennis »
    2009-07-17 @ 8:09

    i have a problem with captions of the image in the frontpage, it will show the caption tags when the plugin is use. How to insert the $text = preg_replace( ‘|\[(.+?)\](.+?\[/\\1\])?|s’, ”, $text ); one of the discussion at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/200136 instructed to insert this to the php file of the plugin. Is this possible?

  • Jordan Spencer Cunningham »
    2009-08-28 @ 5:10

    Hey– this is a truly excellent plugin! It suits just what I need. There is only one problem that I’m wondering if there is a work-around for. Sometimes I would like to make posts that are only one paragraph long, yet it still adds the ”Read more…” link to the end of the paragraph. Is there a way to fix that?

  • Laptop Drivers »
    2009-08-31 @ 5:57

    I’ve been using the plugin for quite a while now. Thanks for this amazing plugins :)

  • Croatia »
    2009-09-03 @ 13:29

    I’m having trouble with installation :( grrrr

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  • Anonym »
    2009-10-19 @ 3:02

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  • DALLCO »
    2009-10-24 @ 18:24

    im looking for this plugin ……thanks for the info

  • Steve
    2009-10-26 @ 1:11

    I really want to use this plugin, but how do I get it working like your front page. i.e. with small image?

  • papa »
    2009-10-28 @ 11:34

    it is compatible with 2.8?

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  • flood pictures »
    2009-11-13 @ 3:02

    I will use your plugin and I will report the result in this page.

  • resul deger »
    2009-11-13 @ 20:41

    thank you will try it.

  • Joe
    2009-11-16 @ 15:54

    very nice plugin.. just want to ask, instead of one paragraph, how do i make it excerpt to show 2 paragraph.

  • Rita
    2009-11-26 @ 23:57

    Great plugin!
    Couldn’t get it to display the danish characters øæå, but I just created a seperate link to the single page.
    Solved the other problem I had though, so thanks :)

  • josh »
    2009-12-30 @ 17:51

    I’m not able to get this to work properly with picture captions. bummer

  • Mateo »
    2010-01-02 @ 0:21

    When the plugin is in use it doesn’t seem to display captions properly. Is there a fix for this?



  • Tom
    2010-01-04 @ 0:16

    your plugin do not work with post who come via rss feed , the post shown in my page in full text , i want to limited my post ..

    can anyone help me please…



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