Free Photoshop badges – round buttons

2009-06-11 @ 19:50

The badges

My vision was to create the best looking badges, with the minimal effort and layers. Because I like to share my work, you can use the badges for free.

Preview, blue badges

This is what the badges looks like in full size.


Preview, all badges

I created the badges in 3 different styles and 10 different colors. That will make it easier for you to have the right badge for your site.

Badges preview

Click on the preview image to see the image in full size.


The badges are free to use. I made them for fun and I hope you will have fun using them.

What you are allowed to do

  • Use the badges for your own projects.
  • Use the badges for commercial websites.

What you are not allowed to do

  • Sell the badges.
  • Take credit for my work.

In other cases the license terms below applies:

Creative Commons License


Read the licence above before downloading. For most people, it should be common sense.


The image in PSD format contains folders, vector layers, text layers with blending options. That means you can easily change the appearance of the badges.


The image in PNG24 format is flat and does not contain any layers. There are no text on the badges, which means that you can add your own text.

Pricedown font

I like Pricedown font which is why it’s used for the text on the badges. If you want to change the text you need to download and install or run the font. The Pricedown font is created by Larabie Fonts.

Support my work

For now, the best way to support my work is to spread the word.

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  • Andreas »
    2009-08-03 @ 1:41

    Thanks, that was i am looking for. Nice Badges.