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2008-01-13 @ 17:21

WP YouTube is a free WordPress plugin that makes your YouTube videos easier to publish. You don’t need to make the effort to paste the whole embed-code. All you need the video ID, the rest is handled by WP YouTube.

WP YouTube now supports a profile editor, where you can set up different settings, but only one profile is needed for all your YouTube videos. Then it automatically set the colors, borders, width, height and more. Easy to use!

  • Download: WP YouTube 2
  • Last updated: 2008-01-13
  • Version: 2.0
  • Tested with: 2.3-2.5


WP YouTube 2

WP YouTube 2


  1. Upload the FOLDER ‘wp-youtube’ to the /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin ‘WP YouTube’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in admin
  3. Go to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’ for more instructions


  1. Deactivate ‘WP YouTube’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in admin
  2. Remove the file ‘wp-youtube.php’ from /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Upload the FOLDER ‘wp-youtube’ to the /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Activate the plugin ‘WP YouTube’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in admin
  5. Go to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’. Your previous options should be imported.
  6. ‘Save Profiles’ to use / save your imported data.
  7. Go to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’ for more instructions

Updates 2.0

  • Totally rewritten from the scratch to make way for a new profile editor
  • Profile editor created. You can use different profiles in your posts or pages, for example if you have the need to use different colors.
  • Because of the profile editor, each profile is more compact to take a little less space on the screen
  • Javascript is now required to use WP YouTube admin. Because of the Javascript the plugin is very fast to use.
  • Preview of your YouTube player, shows colors and border settings
  • You can paste a function code in your theme and that way use settings from a profile. If you are into theme creation this might be a good thing.
  • You can remove profiles, all or one at the time
  • If you have used a previous version of WP YouTube, that data is imported (save required).
  • The menu is moved to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’ simply because you manage YouTube profiles.
  • Option to remove old WP YouTube data from database
  • Option to remove WP YouTube 2 data from database, if you need to uninstall this plugin.

Possible future updates

  • Support for other video formats
  • Support for higher quality videos
  • Custom pick color on the player
  • Random color on the player
  • Quicktag in post / page editor
  • Possible to include Youtube videos into optional excerpt

Bug report

If you have found a bug I want to know about it so I can fix it.

  • Tell me your WP YouTube version, WordPress version and what browser you use.
  • If you suspect a collision with another plugin, tell me what plugin you suspect, or a list with suspected plugins
  • Have you tested this plugin on another WordPress-version and can confirm that it works? Let me know!

Known bugs

  • This plugin makes a collision with wpShopping Cart plugin if that is installed. It will not parse the code, just show the YouTube ID and the tags.

Known collisions with other plugins

  • wpShopping – not verified yet

Contribute / Feedback

The best way to contribute today is to spread the word, link to this page, blog about WP YouTube or give me feedback. All kinds of feedback are helpful to me. Suggestions and bug report are also welcome.

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  • David Artiss »
    2009-09-21 @ 15:02

    I’m having problems getting some YouTube videos to appear. All has been fine for some time and I’ve had no issues with the plugin. However, I’m now finding that there are some new formats of YouTube ID that include characters such as dashes – these are being encoded in the URL and then not displaying.

    An example is 7Yapo–1OaE

  • Alex Duvot »
    2009-09-24 @ 5:11

    NO Update for 2.8?

  • Thiago Pantera »
    2009-10-02 @ 15:10

    It works! Awesome dude.
    It is possible to work in the main page of blog?

  • James T »
    2009-10-08 @ 16:05

    any update for 2,8 I cant seem to have the plugin activated…..

  • dkreative
    2009-10-26 @ 23:39

    why dont have fullscreen option? i need :)

    i find in the code and modificate
    $contentTotalOutput .= ‘&allowFullScreen=true’;
    but no use

  • zori »
    2010-01-02 @ 6:11

    i will give this youtube plugin a try, last one wasnt very good

  • Breon Snowdon »
    2010-01-03 @ 18:06

    Hi, Great Plugin!! But I am using the latest version of WP and the options dont come up?? any updates? Cheers

  • Hristo Velev »
    2010-01-17 @ 20:00

    Awesome plugin :) Is there any way to have videos playing on loop?

  • Stefan
    2010-02-05 @ 12:10

    Great plugin! Thanks for sharing!

  • Greg
    2010-02-13 @ 18:53

    I am running WP v2.9.1 and WP YouTube v2.0. I was also using the plug-in WEBO Site SpeedUp. My site and the wp-admin of WEBO slowed WAAAY down after installing WP YouTube. Also, Google Chrome started complaining about a mismatched tag. Sometimes, you used , other times you used . I converted all the usage to and my performance came back and Google Chrome stopped complaining.

  • اااااااااااا »
    2010-02-23 @ 1:22

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  • Ivan »
    2010-03-14 @ 19:24

    Большое спасибо за хороший плагин. Поставил всё прекрасно работает.

    • Ivan »
      2010-03-14 @ 19:24

      Many thanks for a good plugin. Put everything works fine.

  • YoDarrell »
    2010-03-16 @ 4:22

    Its not working for me on 2.92 anyone got it working?

  • david
    2010-04-19 @ 17:21

    I keep getting the following errors when activating this plugin, it installs ok
    ”The plugin does not have a valid header.”
    any help


  • Kim
    2010-04-30 @ 22:04

    I can’t find the ”YouTube Profiles” you wrote about… I use 2.9.2.

    Svar på detta Jens? :)

  • Redemption »
    2010-05-22 @ 11:12

    Bug with plugin:

    Youtube id not recognize with double ‘-‘ or ‘_’ like aaaa–aaaaa or aaaaa__aaaaa.

    Ipod/iphone problem, the video is not visible.

    Are you interested to release a new version?

  • west »
    2010-06-10 @ 14:08

    Great Job!!!
    did you think of integrating the full screen option?

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  • vendy »
    2010-06-12 @ 15:45

    Hey, I installed and implemented this plug in today. It works like magic. Great job! Just one problem, I dont seem to get my video thumbnail working. Any idea what I need to do to correct that?

  • Frank »
    2010-06-21 @ 10:50


    why the videos are not shown in the RSS-Feeds?

    Any hints?

    Thx, Frank

  • Hanazone »
    2010-07-06 @ 15:21

    I’m sorry but I’m getting ”The plugin does not have a valid header” as well, so the plugin doesn’t work… :(
    I’ve got WordPress 3.0

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  • Per
    2011-06-20 @ 11:14

    Fixa för wordpress 3.0!!!!

  • Yick »
    2011-08-19 @ 6:23

    Possible to include in rssfeed and have the autoplay with mute feature?

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  • ido »
    2011-09-30 @ 12:46

    i installed the theme but i do not see the video pic in the front page.

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  • Pkwebhost »
    2011-11-21 @ 16:08

    is this themes working on wp latest version 3+ ?

  • Rusty »
    2012-01-26 @ 1:57

    3.Go to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’ for more instructions

    HUH I cannot find manage??? I see edit..
    wp 3.3.1

  • Rusty »
    2012-01-27 @ 0:22

    This not working with 3.3.1? thanks

  • Ray »
    2012-03-10 @ 15:35

    Uploaded zip file via wordpress plug-in page, activated and working. Thanks

  • The new blog must have WordPress Plugins »
    2012-07-05 @ 14:44

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