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2007-11-01 @ 16:23

What about a free plugin that makes your YouTube videos easier to publish? Whether you use WordPress as a blog or as a CMS this plugin helps you to present your YouTube videos without the effort to paste the whole embed-code. You only need the video ID, the rest is handled by WP YouTube. It also features YouTube options , for you to control all the YouTube videos at the same time. Then it automatically set the colors, borders, width and height.


WP YouTube

WP YouTube Post


  1. Upload wp-youtube.php to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-youtube directory.
  2. Activate the plugin WP YouTube through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to ‘Options / WP YouTube’ for options and more instructions.

Updates 0.9

  • New feature – ”Tag type” added
  • Fix – Autoplay bug fixed
  • Fix – Stylesheet code removed, it wasn’t used anyway

Updates 0.8

  • New feature – ”Autoplay” option added
  • New feature – ”Include related videos” option added
  • New feature – ”Valid XHTML code” option added
  • Fix – Width and height was switched
  • Fix – The ”Tag name” is now set to default value even if options is never updated
  • Fix – Some visual enhancements to the instructions part
  • Fix – The support link is changed and goes now directly to WP YouTube


Why did I make this? I’m developing a video-site when this is written and got tired of pasting and editing the embed code. After about 30 posted YouTube-videos I wanted to change the width of the site and there by the width of every movie-clip. What if I could do that in just one place, in one simple setting? I made a plugin to manage that. I figured that my plugin could be used for more than just change the width and height. YouTube videos have support for colors and borders and I brought that into the plugin as well.

Known bugs

  • Calling a stylesheet that does not exists (most users don’t even notice)
  • Autoplay don’t work if ”Valid XHTML code” is not set

Contribute / Feedback

The best way to contribute is to spread the word, link to this page or give me feedback. All kinds of feedback are helpful to me. Have you tested this plugin on another WordPress-version and can confirm that it works? Let me know. Suggestions and bug report are also welcome.

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91 svar till “WP YouTube”

  • David »
    2007-11-06 @ 16:47

    Thank you for this plugin. It will be very usefull

  • Michael
    2007-12-01 @ 16:50

    If I mark a YouTube video as private, can I still use this plugin to display the video on my wordpress blog?

    • Jens Törnell »
      2007-12-01 @ 16:50

      Hi Michael!

      You publish your YouTube videos in a post or a page. If the post or page is private then the video is private.

      • Kristoffer Forsgren »
        2007-12-01 @ 16:53

        Jens, I really don’t think he meant it that way since he stated that it was the Youtube movie that was marked private, not the post or page… ;)

        Michael: Yes, you can embed private Youtube videos. It doesn’t matter what plugin you use, that feature lies within Youtube. Some times it sure can be quite handy to mark videos private and still be able to embed them. :)

        • Michael
          2007-12-01 @ 16:53

          Kristoffer, thank you. I did not know that- that is great to know. Thank you for the quick response. I cannot wait to try this plugin.

        • luke »
          2009-03-24 @ 19:49

          i thought that if its private you can embed but still only you can view it? Is it possible to RSS my most recent youtube favourites to a WP page?

  • Misko »
    2007-12-20 @ 16:56

    Hi! Thanx for great job! Your plugin work great on my Mac in Safari and WP 2.3.1
    I have strange problem in Firefox. It shows up, but looks like it can not connect to YouTube – just a gray screen and a little circular animation (like it’s trying to connect or to load). If I press ”play” it works and shows the video just fine.

    But another, even more strange thing is text link ”download video” under the video. I can’t see what produce that one? If I press on it it changes to ”wait a second” and java pop-up says: ”Alert – There was a problem during AJAX-request. Please try again.”
    What’s that? There is no such link in Safari.

    Thanx again!

    • Kristoffer Forsgren »
      2007-12-20 @ 16:57

      Misko: My guess is that you have some kind of extension that causes that text to be shown in Firefox.

  • Shawn Dowler »
    2007-12-24 @ 16:58

    Simple and clean. I like it. It would be great to have an option that allows the alignment of the videos, though. I added the relevant CSS in the plugin myself to center it, but it would be nice for some users to be able to select left, center, or right alignment, I think. Maybe no one else wants this, but it would be trivial to add, I would think.

    Thanks again! This was so much simpler than the other ones I had tried. The other ones never quite worked the way I would like and they were cumbersome and unwieldy.

    Nice clean, readable code!

    • Jens Törnell »
      2007-12-25 @ 16:59

      Hi Shawn Dowler!

      Nice to see you like my plugin! :) Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll look into it to the next version and might make an option for it, no promises made.

      The next version is probably going to be totally rewritten and if it works like I want it’s going to be an kickass plugin, but work the same way of course. :P

  • raafman »
    2007-12-27 @ 17:01

    Hey, great plugin. I have a couple of suggestions, though. I have two blogs, one with multiple authors who aren’t very technically savvy, and my personal blog. And while it’s easy enough for me to post videos using the quicktag method, I’m afraid my co-authors are less likely to use this plugin if it requires them to learn anything more advanced. So far, they have no problem with copying and pasting the simple embed code supplied by youtube into the post window. I’m wondering if there’s a way to make it so that the plugin itself does the work of stripping the embed code down to the youtube ID so that all an author has to do is paste the embed code and continue writing like normal. It would be great if it worked retroactively too. thanks for your hard work!

    • Jens Törnell »
      2008-01-01 @ 17:01

      Hi Raafman!

      It’s an interesting idea, I will look into it. If it’s a simple thing I will probably add it soon, if not it might be introduced later or not at all.

  • shearyadi »
    2008-01-02 @ 17:02

    This is nice, is it possible to display the video on sidebar wthout having to activate it from widget control panel?

    • Jens Törnell »
      2008-01-02 @ 17:03

      Hi Shearyadi!

      I’m building a feature for it right now for version 2. WP YouTube is totally rewritten. I will probably release it this month. :)

  • Enrico »
    2008-01-06 @ 17:04

    Hi, great plugin! i’ve try it in mydrum page and it work really great! finally i can add youtube videos simply adding the quick tag also in the visual editor!


  • SatishSays.com »
    2008-01-11 @ 17:05

    You’ve got some real useful stuff on the site man!

  • helmeoh »
    2008-01-16 @ 17:06

    Hi there, well I like the previous plugin, but with 2.0 it does not work. Videos are no more shown and there is also no ‘WP YouTube’ under ”Options” when using the new wp-youtube.php
    A hint would be appreciated.
    Thks, Helmut

    • Jens Törnell »
      2008-01-16 @ 17:07

      Hi Helmeoh!

      You need to visit WP YouTube 2.0 and read the upgrade information. You need to go to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’ to import your previous options and then save. When you have saved it should work just fine.

  • rubeina »
    2008-03-12 @ 17:08

    I am using the plugin on my blogs, I was just copy pasting the codes from youtube before and it was messing up my template. Very useful. thanks

  • Michael »
    2008-03-27 @ 17:10

    Has anyone tested this plugin with WordPress 2.5 yet? Can you confirm if it works okay?

  • francesco
    2008-04-01 @ 17:11

    great plugins, but i would like to know how i can open the video file in a lightbox screen…
    At defult the script open the video in a blank page but i would like to add ”class=”lightbox” ” in code….. but how?
    thank you!

  • Jack Kennard »
    2008-04-01 @ 17:11

    I have several youtube videos that are acting very squirrelly. I can’t wait to use this plugin.

    Thanks and best ….

  • Seree »
    2008-05-17 @ 17:12

    Thanks you much, I’m finding for such a great plugin like this!

    Woo Hoo!

  • balls »
    2008-06-10 @ 17:13

    Great plugin! Thankyou so much.

  • Jack »
    2008-06-20 @ 17:15


    I was just wondering if this is supported by WP 2.5.1. I’ve downloaded the plugin and uploaded it to the plugins folder, but it doesn’t show up in the plugins admin area so I can’t activate it. No problem if not, I just want my pages with remote videos on them to validate.


  • HotForWords »
    2008-07-21 @ 17:17

    How to get High Quality…. I figured it out… if you add the following to these lines in the wp-youtube.php file:

    On line 99 before the ”>’; add: &fs=1&autoplay=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18

    And on line 107 before ” /> add: &fs=1&autoplay=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18

    And line 248 before ”>’ add: &fs=1&autoplay=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18

    And line 256 before ” /> add: &fs=1&autoplay=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18

    Now.. this is a hack.. and it works for me. I didn’t make it live on my website yet as I am checking with people to see if they can handle the HQ videos first before changing all my videos (I have over 200 videos).

    What would be ideal would be a button below each video which would allow the viewer to change from HQ to regular on the fly.


  • John Boyd »
    2008-09-06 @ 17:19

    I’ve been going crazy to find a plugin that would allow me to play youtube videos in my sidebar and still remain xhtml compliant. Yours does exactly that…great job and thanks a million. Now, if I can find another to allow me to play imeem songs…I may try to modify yours to do just that if it’s ok with you.

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  • Dedushka »
    2009-03-23 @ 8:21

    I want to thank you for this plugin. It’s very useful for me.

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  • Tommy »
    2009-05-01 @ 22:48

    thanks for this usefull youtube plugin.
    I will use it on my new video blog

  • Catalin Nichita »
    2009-06-03 @ 16:35

    Very good this plugin. Thank you for sharing

  • Martin »
    2009-07-14 @ 12:06

    nothing happens when i click create new , under the youtube profiles. :/ so I cant get it to work

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  • Christian »
    2009-09-11 @ 23:25

    Hey man, please update it!!! I want it for my version of wordpress 2.8.4 I think..


  • Schreiber
    2009-10-20 @ 22:18

    I just found this website http://www.uTubeSaver.com where you can easliy download youtube movies as Mp4 and LFV

  • Nikola »
    2009-10-23 @ 10:51

    Twice I installed it and twice couldn’t find Profile manager indeed:
    -It is not ”Go to ‘Options / WP YouTube’ for options and more instructions.” as we find here;
    -It is not ”Go to ‘Manage / YouTube Profiles’ for more instructions” as we find on http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-youtube/installation/

    Finally you can find it under ”Posts / YouTube Profiles”. Heaven knows why it appears there…

    Incredible Plug-in indeed, great job!

  • 365 Day Girl »
    2009-11-05 @ 4:01

    Thank you for this great plugin! I tried 3 others before this and this was worked like a charm and super easy!

  • WP
    2009-11-05 @ 19:28

    This is not working on 2.8.4 – 2.8.5, once activated it doesn’t appear inside Setting. I hope you can update it.

  • dorjee »
    2009-11-18 @ 23:27

    I slightly modified the script in wp-youtube.php to get HD and fullscreen function for the video Youtube player. Here is the new code:

    [code] if ($validxhtml == ‘y’) {
    $contentTotalOutput = ”;
    $contentTotalOutput .= ”;

    $contentTotalOutput .= ”;
    $contentTotalOutput .= $contentAfter[1]; //Efter�t
    else {
    $contentTotalOutput = ”;
    $contentTotalOutput .= ”;
    $contentTotalOutput .= ”;

    $contentTotalOutput .= ”;
    $contentTotalOutput .= ”;
    $contentTotalOutput .= $contentAfter[1]; //Efter�t[/code]

  • dorjee »
    2009-11-18 @ 23:29

    Ham… it seems that I can’t send the code in these commentaries. Send me a message if you want the code.

  • Jeff
    2009-12-13 @ 23:25

    Hey.. what does the ‘Related Videos’ key off of? I have it enabled but no videos show. What’s it looking for.. related tags or what? What’s considered ”related”? Thanks!

  • Scott
    2009-12-21 @ 16:13


    Any plans to update this for WordPress 2.9?

  • Apple App Tips »
    2010-01-11 @ 4:04

    I wanted to know whether this PLUGIN AUTOPOST the youtube videos?

    I want to provide only KEYWORDS and this plugin must post it once in every SIngle hour. Does it do that?

    PM me. Thanks in advance!

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  • Bolitic »
    2010-03-20 @ 8:15

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  • Ken
    2010-03-24 @ 20:55

    Hi, I have been successfully using this plugin for a couple years now thank you for this. I am having a problem with one of the youtube videos I am trying to embed the YouTubeID is Fq6D5x7cnK0 but after it runs through wp-youtube.php it gets changed to Fq6D5×7cnK0 it appears that the wordpress function add_filter does not like that string (because of the x) do you know of a fix for this? I know this is not a problem with your software. Thanks for your time

  • Ken
    2010-03-24 @ 20:57

    Sorry the browser changed what the real output looks like you can probably see it here

  • Ken
    2010-03-24 @ 20:58

    sorry once again I will try one more time
    Fq6D5 & # 215 ; 7cnK0

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