The Pinball Effect – Hover multiple elements

2007-08-19 @ 20:51

This article is in english. A hover is often made by hovering only a text, or an image. What if you want to change multiple texts and images and the div container background by hovering, without getting errors when validating the code?

The answer is The Pinball effect and I use it in my blog. The method is made in Javascript, but it works without it which makes it completely SEO-friendly. You might need some basic XHTML / CSS skills to use it.

The image below is an image to demonstrate the effect. The first image is when the mouse pointer is not over the div tag element. I choose a blue title text, a grey button and a grey background image.

The second image is when I hold the mouse over the div tag element. The title text, the image border, the button and the background image is now changed to different magenta colors.

To easy implement the code you might need a simple code example. You can find the complete instruction at Digital Web Magazine.

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